Elegance comes home to Abu Dhabi

Created on Wednesday, 16 November 2016
Elegance comes home to Abu Dhabi

A touch of class and a dash of flair is now available right at the doorstep of the capital’s residents. Al Huzaifa Furniture, a heritage brand, has thrown open its first ever showroom in the capital, in the presence of the stunning Suzan Najm Al-deen. This truly is a homecoming for a brand that has enjoyed a special relationship with Abu Dhabi’s crème de la crème.

Over the years, we have defined and redefined furniture couture, fusing a freshness of approach with a century old family lineage in the craft of fine furniture. We’ve blended opulence with experimentation and flamboyance with tradition in ways that have delighted customers and created enduring loyalty. The results born out of this constant evolution cater to the refined taste of society’s crème de la crème, and are beautifully represented in our new showroom.

It displays the best of our very best so expect to be amazed by beautiful designs, path-breaking ideas, unconventional concepts, exquisite style and much more as you journey through the diverse genres. The showroom showcases our collections of classical and contemporary fusion furniture – Signature Classics and Crossoversalong with Renata, a brand new line of brilliant light fixtures. These are complemented by our curated collections of wallpapers (Wallscape) and bespoke soft furnishings (Fabrika 360). In a nutshell, you’re in for a truly unique experience.

A constant feature in the Al Huzaifa Furniture brand is change. Constant evolution. Continuous refinement. Expect that no two visits to the showroom will ever be the same. Every time you step in you’ll be wowed by fresh perspectives and new lines. The idea, oddly enough, is to ensure you never run out of ideas to grace your interiors.

So if you’re planning to visit the showroom, remember you needn’t worry about parking because we’ve made sure that we have ample space for your car, however big it may be.

Call it elegance with a capital ‘E’.