Whether an extravagant revamp or edited refresh, get your home Ramadan ready with Al Huzaifa’s top furniture and décor picks

The most significant time of the year – Ramadan ignites a reawakening to the deeply beautiful and spiritual tenets of Islam. For all Muslims, this is a time to introspect in worship. Embrace moments of togetherness with friends and family. Recalibrate and begin anew.

With the Holy Month just around the corner, what better time to curate meaningful spaces that honour the spiritual and social significance of the season. Whether a sanctum of quiet prayer, or an inviting aura in which to break the day-long fast with loved ones, transform your home with a stylised makeover that brings balance between the stylish décor and enchanting traditions to celebrate your faith

From Dawn to Dusk

This Ramadan, find inspiration in a curated collection of elite décor and luxe accents at Al Huzaifa Furniture. Think refreshing designs and one-of-a-kind flourishes to elevate the same living room space into a versatile ambience that segues between devout reflection by day, and stylish soirées by night

For one, or for many – seating solutions that make the room

Designed for the classic and contemporary home, the Giorgio Sofa Set is ideal for succinct spaces. Styled with sculpted arms, channel tufting and plush cushioned seats, Giorgio reimagines the traditional with fluid lines and gentle contours. Compact yet comfy, this three-piece sofa set is an opportunity to craft two distinct seating arrangements in your living room - from the armchair placed in a corner creating a meditative nook, to the 2 and 3 seaters allowing for an intimate flow of conversation when entertaining

The magnificently modular Amorosa Sofa Set elevates the urban home’s spatial narrative. Enveloped in suede, this elegant obround sectional can be configured to be as big or as small as you like. A modern four-piece set with endless possibilities, Amorosa allows for all levels of flexibility and customisation ensuring there’s room for everyone. Position in a fluid communal arrangement for large suhoor and iftar gatherings, or as independent pieces that can be rearranged to serve as a snug sofa, chaise lounge or deep-seated corner accent chair.

Without having to undergo a complete redesign, you could also refresh your home with aesthetically elegant and ever-so-functional occasional seating to spruce up your décor. With an array of contemporary silhouettes to choose from, our top picks of the Maestro and Boca accent chairs or versatile Amorosa ottoman offer the possibility to create individual spaces that reach their full potential for corners of quiet contemplation or additional seating for larger gatherings at suhoor and iftar.

Bringing people closer together

A time to gather to break the day’s fast with dates and water, coffee tables will take the spotlight at the heart of your home. Accentuated with Ramadan-inspired objet d’art, luxe silhouettes and chic simplicity make for a true designer table setting.

Low slung and high end, the Nathalia Coffee Table centres the contemporary living room with its striking sculptural presence. With an expansive table top of gorgeously veined cream Californian marble and brushed gold legs, Nathalia makes a memorable space for an alluring iftar tablescape.

For the classic-inspired home punctuated with touches of earthy décor, the Garry Coffee Table comprises of a one-of-a-kind weathered driftwood in its natural form under a pristine square glass top. Minimalistic in design and fascinating with natural knots and live edges, this piece shapes a charismatic accent table around which to gather, share good food and form a focal point to large and small gatherings alike.

The Meraki Coffee Table makes for an optimised solution to entertaining a few or many with clever and chic spatial layering. This statement coffee table comprises a set of asymmetric, round and oval silhouettes that cater to a variety of spaces and guests. With mottled mountain marble atop brushed gold cylindrical and cantilevered bases, Meraki is awash in warm tones of amber and ivory – a palette perfectly depictive of the season.

When Night Falls

As the sun begins to set, transform your living room into a uniquely layered space with a whimsical play of rich texture and exquisite accessories. Each piece subtly shifts from daytime accent to the centre of attention by night sparking a warm, luxe ambience in which to celebrate togetherness over iftar.

Floor coverings that anchor the room

When it comes to carpets and rugs, sometimes more is more. With layering that adds colour and pattern to the room, subtly delineate one space from another in a way that truly represents your individuality of style. Versace and Wilton Teal are inspired by the exotic rustic motifs that take you on a journey through time with antique patterns woven with a modern point of view. For a more classic sensibility, Urban Abstract combines exotic Ottoman geometric design with unparalleled craftsmanship for the sophisticated home.

Tabletop showstoppers

Add dramatic visual interest to your centre table this Ramadan where food is an inextricable part of the evening iftar. In an ode to the rituals of breaking fast, choose from an array of sculpted and hand-crafted serving trays that add a classic or contemporary touch to any table setting. Made of marble and metal, Cráz, Joud and World's Away define a minimalist modern design language, while Concá offers a more earthy artisanal stance.

Fresh flowers also add to the texture and beauty of your tablescape. And when you have objet d’art to complement, it elevates the decor several notches higher. In themes of brushed and beaten gold, the Trine and Wishbone vases perfectly encapsulate the celebratory occasion. Paired with the decorative Nacre bottles or Progeny tealight candleholder, imbue the room with an elegance that’s uniquely you this Ramadan.

Lighting that adds a certain magic

From tabletop, floor lamps, wall sconces and pendant chandeliers, the right lighting fixtures are the brushstrokes that master the mood and ambience of the room. This season, heritage nuances are captured in the antiquated silhouettes of the brushed gold Elementary and Sunlit hanging wall sconces. For the more contemporary home, choose from the avant-garde cut out Avanti table lamp or elaborately artful Eblouir that casts stunning reflections of crystal and brass