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Al Huzaifa - Excelent

Born in year 1976, A young entrepreneurial couple who came to this land of opportunity, identified the need for tasteful luxury, and had the passion to bring the transformation to life.

Al Huzaifa born 1976

Over more than four decades, we have selectively built a series of unique experiences with 4 showrooms across the UAE, that celebrate style.

They present a leading-edge vision of the Contemporary genre with curated lines of furniture, accessories, lighting, rugs and art, with support services for curtains, wallpapers, panelling and everything it takes to create an integrated look. Our digital store presents the totality of this experience online.

Al Huzaifa redefines the custom creation experience.

Coming to life in late 2021, the exclusive Design Studio by Al Huzaifa invites customers into a world of bespoke creation. With the brand’s design, sourcing and execution prowess, it empowers customers to co-create their signature style. It’s their story, after all. Told by Al Huzaifa.

Al Huzaifa redefines the custom creation experience
Al Huzaifa design studio
Sofa detail
Al Huzaifa Manufacturing skills

Discover how a living space turns into a fashion statement.

Deep manufacturing skills and vast logistical resources make it possible to deliver at scale. Operating backstage, is a fully integrated manufacturing platform that includes woodworking and joinery with advanced CNC capabilities, metalworking, powder coating and electroplating setups.

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