Coffee Tables

Elegant and versatile, essential and functional, our coffee tables bring warmth and visual harmony to your home. Choose from an array of luxury accent furniture that flaunts impeccable finishes, opulent marble, burnished metal and grained wood design detail, allowing you to create the perfect vignette to complement your interior design aesthetic. Whether using as a glam display for decorative pieces or as a stylish but subtle storage nook, our collection of coffee and side tables are variable to fit your every need and chic enough to make a statement.




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  1. Damiano Shop Damiano Damiano Shop Damiano
    Special Price AED 7,700 Regular Price AED 10,267

    Coffee Table, Natural Italian Marble, Stainless Steel Legs With Mirror

  2. Forum Shop Forum Forum Shop Forum
    Special Price AED 2,955 Regular Price AED 5,910

    Coffee Table, Beige Ceramic With Bronze Plated Stainless Steel Base

  3. Limora Shop Limora Limora Shop Limora
    Special Price AED 4,400 Regular Price AED 5,867

    Coffee Table, Italian Marble, Brushed Bronze Gold

  4. Mia Shop Mia Mia Shop Mia
    Special Price AED 8,943 Regular Price AED 11,924

    Coffee Table, Ice Jade Marble & Gold

  5. Nerro Shop Nerro Nerro Shop Nerro
    Special Price AED 1,532 Regular Price AED 2,043

    Side Table Marble Stainless Steel

  6. Orville Shop Orville Orville Shop Orville
    Special Price AED 2,821 Regular Price AED 3,762

    Coffee Table Italian Marble Top, Stainless Steel Legs

  7. Tribecca Shop Tribecca Tribecca Shop Tribecca
    Special Price AED 5,480 Regular Price AED 9,133

    Coffee Table, Brown Honeycomb Synthetic Marble Top, Brushed Yellow Gold Legs

  8. Tribecca Shop Tribecca Tribecca Shop Tribecca
    Special Price AED 3,520 Regular Price AED 5,867

    Coffee Table, Black Honeycomb Synthetic Marble Top, Yellow Gold Legs

  9. Twister Shop Twister Twister Shop Twister
    Special Price AED 5,679 Regular Price AED 7,571

    Round Coffee Table, Ash Solid Wood, Metal In Stainless Steel

  10. Wagner Shop Wagner Wagner Shop Wagner
    Special Price AED 6,215 Regular Price AED 8,286

    Coffee Table Natural Marble Top

  11. Aldis Shop Aldis Aldis Shop Aldis
    Special Price AED 4,836 Regular Price AED 6,448

    Coffee Table, Natural Italian Victoria Marble in American Ashwood legs

  12. Alegra Shop Alegra Alegra Shop Alegra
    Special Price AED 6,750 Regular Price AED 9,000

    Coffee Table, Victoria Matt Marble, American Ashwood Legs & Brushed Gold Base

  13. Althea Shop Althea
    As low as AED 8,132 Regular Price AED 10,843
    Coffee Table, Ice Jade Marble Top With Stainless Steel Legs.
  14. Amalfi Shop Amalfi Amalfi Shop Amalfi
    Special Price AED 1,495 Regular Price AED 2,990

    Wooden Coffee Table

  15. Ashton Tables Ashton Ashton Tables Ashton
    Special Price AED 3,329 Regular Price AED 4,439
    Coffee table, Tempered glass top with interlocking walnut american ashwood legs
  16. Belisema Shop Belisema Belisema Shop Belisema
    Special Price AED 5,500 Regular Price AED 7,333
    Coffee Table, Natural Black Marble Oval Shape, Sandblasted Black Gold Legs
  17. Belisima Shop Belisima Belisima Shop Belisima
    Special Price AED 1,743 Regular Price AED 2,324

    Coffee Table, Wenge Veneer Top, Stainless Steel Legs

  18. Benedetto Shop Benedetto Benedetto Shop Benedetto
    Special Price AED 11,889 Regular Price AED 15,852

    Coffee Table, Ice Jade Marble, Brushed Gold Legs

  19. Benedetto Centre Table Benedetto Benedetto Centre Table Benedetto
    Special Price AED 11,889 Regular Price AED 15,852

    Coffee Table, natural grey marble, legs in brushed gold color

  20. Bottega Shop Bottega Bottega Shop Bottega
    Out of Stock
    Special Price AED 5,951 Regular Price AED 7,934

    Coffee table, oak solid wood with brushed gold legs

  21. Bradley Shop Bradley
    As low as AED 2,625 Regular Price AED 3,500
    Coffee Table, Aman Rose Marble Top, Legs In Mdf Pvc Leather
  22. Brooklyn  Shop Brooklyn Brooklyn  Shop Brooklyn
    Special Price AED 2,500 Regular Price AED 3,333
    Coffee Table, Frosted Tempered Glass Top, Yellow Copper Plated Legs
  23. Caleb Tables Caleb Caleb Tables Caleb
    Special Price AED 1,539 Regular Price AED 3,077

    Coffee table top in natural grey marble , legs in stainless steel black brass plated.

  24. Carvy Shop Carvy Carvy Shop Carvy
    As low as AED 4,425 Regular Price AED 5,900

    Coffee table, wenge veneer , stainless steel in nanometallic painted

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