Accent Chairs & Armchairs

Revamp your home with charming occasional accent chairs and armchairs in the UAE that are both utilitarian and captivate the imagination. Whether a corner accent chair to curl up in with a good book or a sculptural art piece that commands attention, these pieces of modern furniture can effortlessly transform your space from conventional to dramatic in a cinch. From iconic fauteuils, Chesterfields and wing accent chairs for living rooms to enduring art deco and cantilevers, discover statement designs that create a profound influence with our accent armchair sale. Shop the most stunning accent chairs now.




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  1. Mayer Shop Mayer Mayer Shop
    Mayer 25%
    Special Price AED 5,285 Regular Price AED 7,050
    Leisure Arm Chair
  2. Shawnda Shop Shawnda Shawnda Shop
    Shawnda 25%
    Starting from AED 3,565 Regular Price AED 4,755
    Club Chair, 2 Tone Fully Upholstered With Stainless Steel Legs
  3. Monadessa Shop Monadessa Monadessa Shop
    Monadessa 25%
    Starting from AED 4,500 Regular Price AED 6,000
    Single Chair, Upholstered With Fabric & Microfiber, Stainless Steel
  4. Erwan Shop Erwan Erwan Shop
    Erwan 25%
    Special Price AED 1,295 Regular Price AED 1,730
    Armchair, Upholstered In Fabric
  5. Erwan Shop Erwan Erwan Shop
    Erwan 25%
    Special Price AED 1,295 Regular Price AED 1,730
    Armchair, Upholstered In Microfiber Leather
  6. Bordelle  Shop Bordelle Bordelle  Shop
    Bordelle 65%
    Starting from AED 1,640 Regular Price AED 4,685
    1 Seater, Fully Upholstered 2 Tone Fabric
  7. Montage Shop Montage Montage Shop
    Montage 37%
    Starting from AED 6,930 Regular Price AED 11,000
    Leisure Chair, Nubuck Leather With Fire Retardant Sponge
  8. Jaizelle Shop Jaizelle Jaizelle Shop
    Jaizelle 25%
    Starting from AED 4,715 Regular Price AED 6,290
    Single Chair, Upholstered In Velvet Fabric With Stainless Steel
  9. Haleigh Shop Haleigh Haleigh Shop
    Haleigh 25%
    Starting from AED 3,125 Regular Price AED 4,170
    Club Chair, Fully Upholstered With Stainless Steel Legs
  10. Camaya Shop Camaya Camaya Shop
    Camaya 25%
    Starting from AED 3,750 Regular Price AED 5,000
    Single Chair, With Horizontal Channel Back, Stainless Steel Legs
  11. Rixos Shop Rixos Rixos Shop
    Rixos 25%
    Starting from AED 3,190 Regular Price AED 4,255
    Chair, Fully Upholstered
  12. Fabrico Shop Fabrico Fabrico Shop
    Fabrico 25%
    Special Price AED 8,625 Regular Price AED 11,500
    Armchair, Upholstered In Full Grain Leather
  13. Best Seller
    Everlee Shop Everlee Everlee Shop
    Everlee 25%
    Special Price AED 1,935 Regular Price AED 2,580
    Chair, Fully Upholstered
  14. Maestro  Shop Maestro Maestro  Shop
    Maestro 25%
    Starting from AED 8,230 Regular Price AED 10,975
    Leisure Chair, Upholstered Pvc Leather
  15. Gabbana Shop Gabbana Gabbana Shop
    Gabbana 25%
    Starting from AED 3,670 Regular Price AED 4,895
    Single Seater, Upholstered In Microfiber
  16. Jerome Shop Jerome Jerome Shop
    Jerome 33%
    Starting from AED 4,975 Regular Price AED 7,425
    Genuine Leather, Single Seater Sofa
  17. Horizon Shop Horizon Horizon Shop
    Horizon 25%
    Starting from AED 4,143 Regular Price AED 5,525
    Recliner Single Seater Fully Upholstered
  18. Moira  Shop Moira Moira  Shop
    Moira 25%
    Starting from AED 4,245 Regular Price AED 5,665
    Chair, Fully Upholstered
  19. Prada Shop Prada Prada Shop
    Prada 25%
    Special Price AED 3,791 Regular Price AED 5,055
    Chair Upholstered , Suede Fabric With Leather Look Finish
  20. Glamour Shop Glamour Glamour Shop
    Glamour 25%
    Starting from AED 6,035 Regular Price AED 8,050
    1 Seater Sofa, Recliner
  21. Maldini Shop Maldini Maldini Shop
    Maldini 25%
    Starting from AED 11,220 Regular Price AED 14,960
    1 Seater, Upholstered Full Grain Leather
  22. Cassandra Shop Cassandra Cassandra Shop
    Cassandra 25%
    Starting from AED 3,050 Regular Price AED 4,070

    Single Chair, Fully Upholstered Boucle Fabric

  23. Liander Shop Liander Liander Shop
    Liander 25%
    Starting from AED 4,005 Regular Price AED 5,340
    Fully Upholstered Single Chair
  24. Belisima Shop Belisima Belisima Shop
    Belisima 55%
    Special Price AED 4,455 Regular Price AED 9,900
    Single Seater Sofa, In Aniline Leather
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