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Transform your living space and set the tone with an enviable range of luxury sofa sets in the Middle East. From traditional Chesterfields and contemporary tuxedo pieces, to mid-century modern, cabriole and sleek sectional sofas – our diverse range of designer seating presents innate style and uncompromised construction. Create an urbane retreat for unwinding and entertainment, and be spoilt for choice with luxuriously versatile singles and sets that marry fashion and finesse in sleek design and pure comfort. Shop for premium sofa sets in the Middle East now.



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1 2 4
  1. Monadessa Shop Monadessa Monadessa Shop
    Monadessa 25%
    Starting from AED 25,125 Regular Price AED 33,500
    Sofa Set, Upholstered With Microfiber, Stainless Steel
  2. Obrezza Shop Obrezza Obrezza Shop
    Obrezza 55%
    Special Price AED 8,978 Regular Price AED 19,950
    Sofa Set, Upholstered In Fabric
  3. Shawnda Shop Shawnda Shawnda Shop
    Shawnda 25%
    Starting from AED 27,830 Regular Price AED 37,110
    Sofa Set, Fully Upholstered Channel Back Sofa With Stainless Steel Legs
  4. Escape Shop Escape Escape Shop
    Escape 30%
    Special Price AED 19,090 Regular Price AED 27,270
    Sofa Set, Fully Upholstered
  5. Haleigh Shop Haleigh Haleigh Shop
    Haleigh 25%
    Starting from AED 19,760 Regular Price AED 26,350
    Sofa Set, Fully Upholstered
  6. Camaya Shop Camaya Camaya Shop
    Camaya 25%
    Starting from AED 17,925 Regular Price AED 23,900
    Sofa Set, With Horizontal Channel Back, Stainless Steel Legs
  7. Rixos Shop Rixos Rixos Shop
    Rixos 25%
    Starting from AED 12,409 Regular Price AED 16,545
    5 Seater Sofa, Upholstered
  8. Everlee Shop Everlee Everlee Shop
    Everlee 25%
    Special Price AED 10,800 Regular Price AED 14,400
    Beige Sofa Set, Fully Upholstered
  9. Luna Shop Luna Luna Shop
    Luna 42%
    Special Price AED 9,915 Regular Price AED 17,095
    Sofa Set Upholstered Boucle Fabric
  10. Gabbana Shop Gabbana Gabbana Shop
    Gabbana 25%
    Starting from AED 33,394 Regular Price AED 44,525
    Sofa Set, Upholstered In Microfiber
  11. Novelino Shop Novelino Novelino Shop
    Novelino 25%
    Special Price AED 20,625 Regular Price AED 27,500
    Long Corner Sofa, Fully Upholstered
  12. Milena Shop Milena Milena Shop
    Milena 25%
    Starting from AED 10,325 Regular Price AED 13,770
    Single Right Arm With Ottoman, Fully Upholstered
  13. Cassandra Shop Cassandra Cassandra Shop
    Cassandra 25%
    Starting from AED 17,850 Regular Price AED 23,800
    Sofa Set, Fully Upholstered Boucle Fabric
  14. Emory Shop Emory Emory Shop
    Emory 25%
    Starting from AED 13,695 Regular Price AED 18,260
    Curved Sofa Set, Fully Upholstered
  15. Daphine Shop Daphine Daphine Shop
    Daphine 25%
    Starting from AED 20,775 Regular Price AED 27,700
    Sofa Set, Quilted Design Fully Upholstered, Mix Color
  16. Precious Shop Precious Precious Shop
    Precious 25%
    Starting from AED 17,625 Regular Price AED 23,500
    Sofa Set Upholstered In Suede
  17. Suzanne Shop Suzanne Suzanne Shop
    Suzanne 25%
    Special Price AED 10,575 Regular Price AED 14,100
    Sofa Set, Fully Upholstered
  18. Chroma Shop Chroma Chroma Shop
    Chroma 55%
    Special Price AED 19,105 Regular Price AED 42,450
    Sofa Set, Fully Upholstered
  19. New Luna Shop New Luna New Luna Shop
    New Luna 25%
    New Luna
    Starting from AED 8,435 Regular Price AED 11,250

    3 Seater Sofa, Fully Upholstered

  20. Rixos Shop Rixos Rixos Shop
    Rixos 25%
    Starting from AED 15,600 Regular Price AED 20,801
    5 Seater Sofa With Armchair, Upholstered
  21. Lezarde Shop Lezarde Lezarde Shop
    Lezarde 62%
    Starting from AED 13,880 Regular Price AED 36,530

    Sofa, Fully Upholstered

  22. Sebastian Shop Sebastian Sebastian Shop
    Sebastian 45%
    Special Price AED 16,225 Regular Price AED 29,500
    Sofa set, Upholstered with Brushed Gold details
  23. protectME protectME protectME protectME protectME
    protectME 11%
    Special Price AED 80 Regular Price AED 90
    Battery Sprayer
  24. Macie Shop Macie Macie Shop
    Macie 25%
    Starting from AED 4,350 Regular Price AED 5,800

    Sofa Set, Upholstered In Bouclé

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