Chaise lounges

Feel the presence of comfort anywhere you go by adding a simple-yet-elegant chaise lounge. A chaise lounge chair allows you to rest comfortably in a half-sitting position, relaxing your back and straightening your legs. What a perfect combo to have? That's why we brought you various colours, fabrics, and sizes of chaise lounge sofas to choose from. Check out the entire collection and shop for all that you like.



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1 2 4
  1. Sashka Shop Sashka Sashka Shop
    Sashka 50%
    Starting from AED 2,150 Regular Price AED 4,300
    Chaise, Upholstered In Fabric
  2. Jerome Shop Jerome Jerome Shop
    Jerome 33%
    Starting from AED 6,515 Regular Price AED 9,725
    Genuine Leather, Chaise Lounge
  3. Princeton Shop Princeton Princeton Shop
    Princeton 55%
    Starting from AED 4,050 Regular Price AED 9,000
    Left Chaise, Fully Upholstered
  4. Belisima Shop Belisima Belisima Shop
    Belisima 30%
    Special Price AED 12,040 Regular Price AED 17,200
    Chaise Lounge, In Aniline Leather & Stainless Steel
  5. Boomerang Shop Boomerang Boomerang Shop
    Boomerang 25%
    Special Price AED 6,845 Regular Price AED 9,130
    Genuine Leather, Chaise Lounge
  6. Miles Shop Miles Miles Shop
    Miles 25%
    Special Price AED 10,685 Regular Price AED 14,250
    Chaise Lounge, Upholstered Leather
  7. Belisima Shop Belisima Belisima Shop
    Belisima 30%
    Special Price AED 14,945 Regular Price AED 21,350

    Chaise Lounge, Full Grain Leather

  8. Rochelle Shop Rochelle Rochelle Shop
    Rochelle 50%
    Special Price AED 3,120 Regular Price AED 6,240
    Left Chaise Fully Upholstered, Metal Steel Wood, Solid Wood Frame
  9. Versailles Shop Versailles Versailles Shop
    Versailles 36%
    Special Price AED 2,460 Regular Price AED 3,850

    Bench Solid Wood, Upholstered, Stainless Steel Legs

  10. Brio Shop Brio Brio Shop
    Brio 70%
    Special Price AED 9,776 Regular Price AED 32,585

    Left Sectional Sofa Set, Upholstered With Stainless Steel Legs

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