Nest of tables

Nests of tables are convenient little tables created for occasional use & perfect when hosting guests for coffee & high tea. These are very identical to the concept of the renowned Russian dolls, where each table nests under the other and doesn't occupy much floor space. The largest table out of the set is focused as the primary display piece. We take great pleasure in showcasing our state of the art designs & craftsmanship in a range of metal frames & finishes.




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  1. Butler Shop Butler Shop
    Special Price AED 2,357 Regular Price AED 3,143

    Side Table Natural Marble Top, Stainless Steel

  2. Caleb Tables Caleb Tables
    Out of Stock
    Special Price AED 2,090 Regular Price AED 2,786

    Coffee table, Natural Grey Marble , Legs in Black Brass plated

  3. Caleb Tables Caleb Tables
    Special Price AED 1,539 Regular Price AED 3,077

    Coffee table top in natural grey marble , legs in stainless steel black brass plated.

  4. Cataleya Tables Cataleya Tables
    Special Price AED 1,875 Regular Price AED 2,500

    End Table, Victoria marble & walnut

  5. Dakota Tables Dakota Tables
    Out of Stock
    Special Price AED 1,615 Regular Price AED 2,153
    End Table Californian Marble Top, Dark Walnut American Ashwood Veneer Legs
  6. Dakota  Tables Dakota  Tables
    Special Price AED 2,372 Regular Price AED 3,953
    Coffee table californian marble top, dark walnut american ashwood veneer legs
  7. Gianni Tables Gianni Tables
    Special Price AED 2,115 Regular Price AED 2,820

    Side Table, Smoky Walnut Veneer Top, Legs in stainless steel Brass Brushed

  8. Gianni Tables Gianni Tables
    Special Price AED 4,283 Regular Price AED 5,710

    Coffee Table top with white natural marble, legs in stainless steel brass brushed

  9. Gustavo Shop Gustavo Shop
    Special Price AED 3,352 Regular Price AED 6,095

    Coffee Table, American Ashwood With Electroplating Metal Base

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