Footstools & Ottomans

Indulge in a captivating collection of beautifully designed & crafted Footstools and ottomans in a wide variety of classic and contemporary styles, a popular choice to suit all interiors keeping quality and luxury in mind. Our Footstools and ottomans are available in various sizes with a vast selection of fabrics.



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1 2 4
  1. Almo Shop Almo Almo Shop Almo
    Special Price AED 2,819 Regular Price AED 3,762

    Stool, Upholstered With Fabric And Pu With Electrocoppering Metal Base

  2. Ariston Shop Ariston
    Special Price AED 895 Regular Price AED 1,381
    Ottoman, Upholstered
  3. Aurelia Shop Aurelia Aurelia Shop Aurelia
    Special Price AED 4,500 Regular Price AED 6,000

    Ottoman, Upholstered & Brushed Brass

  4. Belmonte Shop Belmonte
    Starting from AED 3,852 Regular Price AED 5,933

    Ottoman, Upholstered & Tufted

  5. Domonique Shop Domonique Domonique Shop Domonique
    Starting from AED 2,467 Regular Price AED 3,290
    Sectional sofa set with chairs and ottoman
  6. Ekat Shop Ekat Ekat Shop Ekat
    Special Price AED 629 Regular Price AED 1,976
    Ottoman, Upholstered In Fabric
  7. Florentia Shop Florentia Florentia Shop Florentia
    Special Price AED 3,114 Regular Price AED 4,157

    Ottoman, Upholstered with Stripe Quilting Design, Brushed Champagne Gold Legs

  8. Grigora Shop Grigora Grigora Shop Grigora
    Special Price AED 1,990 Regular Price AED 2,657

    Ottoman Bonded Leather Stainless Steel

  9. Guido Shop Guido Guido Shop Guido
    Special Price AED 2,300 Regular Price AED 3,067
    Stool, Natural Ashwood, Upholstered In Cream Fabric And Pu 
  10. Handy Shop Handy Handy Shop Handy
    Special Price AED 943 Regular Price AED 1,714

    Stool, Upholstered In Fur

  11. Mallory Shop Mallory Mallory Shop Mallory
    Special Price AED 4,567 Regular Price AED 6,090

    Ottoman, Upholstered In Poly & Pu Fabric With Electrocoppered Metal Base

  12. Noir Shop Noir Noir Shop Noir
    Special Price AED 11,228 Regular Price AED 14,971

    Chair And Ottoman, Top Grain Full Leather

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