Discover our exquisite selection of custom- made cabinets designed to suit a wide range of interiors. Each cabinet is made using only the finest quality materials with state of the art craftsmanship standards to meet your exact specifications in size, style and finish. Our team takes great pride to ensure a perfect match to suit your needs.




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  1. Best Seller
    Malta Shop Malta Malta Shop
    Malta 25%
    Special Price AED 3,259 Regular Price AED 4,345
    Side Cabinet, Mdf
  2. Listrado Shop Listrado Listrado Shop
    Listrado 25%
    Special Price AED 13,710 Regular Price AED 18,281
    2 Door Cabinet, Storage Box And Led Light
  3. Manolo Shop Manolo Manolo Shop
    Manolo 25%
    Starting from AED 10,210 Regular Price AED 13,615
    Sideboard, caladonian marble , panels covered in dark oak
  4. Baltimore Shop Baltimore Baltimore Shop
    Baltimore 25%
    Special Price AED 6,525 Regular Price AED 8,700
    2 Door, Cabinet
  5. Davidoff Shop Davidoff Davidoff Shop
    Davidoff 25%
    Special Price AED 5,925 Regular Price AED 7,900

    Bookshelf, Grey Walnut Veneer

  6. Cataleya Shop Cataleya Cataleya Shop
    Cataleya 25%
    Special Price AED 9,154 Regular Price AED 12,205
    Sideboard, Rose Gold marble, Ash Veneer & Champagne gold
  7. Daytona Shop Daytona Daytona Shop
    Daytona 25%
    Special Price AED 12,675 Regular Price AED 16,900

    Sideboard, Sapphire Marble, Base In Matt Grey

  8. Best Seller
    Carmina Shop Carmina Carmina Shop
    Carmina 25%
    Special Price AED 1,177 Regular Price AED 1,570
    Bedside Table, Wood Veneer, High Glossy Lacquer Processed By Pu Solution
  9. Aspen Shop Aspen Aspen Shop
    Aspen 25%
    Special Price AED 4,280 Regular Price AED 5,710
    Dresser & Mirror, Wood Veneer Matt Color, High Glossy Lacquer Processed By Pu Solution
  10. Michela  Shop Michela Michela  Shop
    Michela 25%
    Starting from AED 4,250 Regular Price AED 5,670
    Sideboard In American Ash Wood With Ash Veneer Walnut And Stainless Steel Legs
  11. Lazio Shop Lazio Lazio Shop
    Lazio 25%
    Starting from AED 10,515 Regular Price AED 14,025
    Sideboard, California Marble Top With American Ashwood Body & Brush Champagne Gold Finish Base
  12. Andes Shop Andes Andes Shop
    Andes 25%
    Starting from AED 6,485 Regular Price AED 8,650
    Sideboard, American Ashwood Walnut & Champagne Gold Finish Legs
  13. Brooklyn Shop Brooklyn Brooklyn Shop
    Brooklyn 25%
    Special Price AED 5,940 Regular Price AED 7,925
    Sideboard, Frosted Tempered Glass Top With Yellow Copper Plated Leg
  14. Cataleya  Shop Cataleya Cataleya  Shop
    Cataleya 25%
    Special Price AED 9,605 Regular Price AED 12,810
    Sideboard, Matt Victoria Marble & Dark Walnut With Champagne Gold Legs
  15. Belisima Shop Belisima Belisima Shop
    Belisima 25%
    Special Price AED 2,755 Regular Price AED 3,675
    Bedside Table, Wenge Veneer,Wenge Solid Wood Frame, Nanometallic Painted Legs
  16. Milan Shop Milan Milan Shop
    Milan 25%
    Special Price AED 17,195 Regular Price AED 22,930
    Sideboard, Caladonia Marble Unit, Mdf Panels Painted In Grey Glossycolor, Legs Stainless Steel Copper Brushed
  17. Irina  Shop Irina Irina  Shop
    Irina 50%
    Special Price AED 5,935 Regular Price AED 11,865
    Buffet Table, Oak veneer & Copper plated Stainless steel legs
  18. Arthur  Shop Arthur Arthur  Shop
    Arthur 25%
    Special Price AED 8,605 Regular Price AED 11,475
    Desk, Walnut Wood with Bonded Leather
  19. Mahi Storage Mahi Mahi Storage
    Mahi 25%
    Special Price AED 5,895 Regular Price AED 7,866

    Buffet, Smoky Walnut Veneer with micro leather, Yellow Copper Brushed Handles

  20. Best Seller
    Barbara Storage Barbara Barbara Storage
    Barbara 25%
    Special Price AED 1,570 Regular Price AED 2,096
    Chest of Drawers, Solid Wood
  21. Cataleya Shop Cataleya Cataleya Shop
    Cataleya 25%
    Special Price AED 6,145 Regular Price AED 8,195
    Sideboard, Walnut & Champagne Gold
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