6 Tips for Creating a Home Office That Boosts Productivity

Remote work has become increasingly popular globally, allowing professionals to enjoy the benefits of working from home. By leveraging technological advancements, companies now offer hybrid or fully remote work arrangements. Many workers prefer designing their own home office setup with furniture that suits their specific needs.

What Are the Advantages of Working From Home?

Employees save time, money and energy spent on stressful daily commutes.

People can save time by starting work earlier instead of commuting to work.

There is greater flexibility in managing tasks.

People now have more flexibility to balance work and household responsibilities.

Spend more time with family and allow for some healthy me-time.

Working from home creates time for childcare, hobbies, exercise, and better sleep.

What Is the Best Way to Set Up a Home Office for Maximum Productivity?

For a truly rewarding remote working experience, creating an office space setup that can support your work habits and enable you to be as productive as possible every day is essential. It's not enough to crouch into a corner of your bed or sit at your dining table with your laptop – you must figure out the best home office layout for productivity.

Here's how to set up a home office that inspires you to perform better at work:

1. Select a dedicated space for working

Choose a quiet, low-traffic area of the house to convert into your home office. Heading to a designated spot can help you feel like you are still "going" to work every day, and it can effectively keep your work life separate from your home life so you can focus better and get your tasks done correctly.

2. Make a list of the equipment and supplies you need

Your dedicated home office will require a proper desk and chair to work on your computer correctly. Depending on the nature of your work, you may also need additional work surfaces for equipment such as printers or extra monitors or storage for files and audio or video equipment for video conferences.

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3. Consider ergonomics

You will spend hours in your home office, so comfort is also important. Pick an office chair that is sufficiently cushioned to support your body and set at an appropriate height and distance from your desk so that you can work uninhibited by body pain and stress. This can contribute significantly towards your productivity, creativity and focus.

4. Set up sufficient lighting

Keep your home office as well-lit as possible. Position your desk close to a window so you can catch some natural light – it can help improve your overall well-being and happiness to be exposed to some bright natural light every day.

But if a window isn't available, pick out table lamps or ceiling lights that provide cool white light as close as possible to natural lighting.

5. Put up stimulating and inspiring decor

Enhance your home office's positivity and creativity by incorporating feel-good decor. Choosing calming wall colors, like green, can evoke images of nature. Keeping a vase of fresh flowers can provide a similar effect. Hang art you love and add colorful throw pillows for extra seating. Display fun-colored desk accessories like pen holders, calendars, or sticky notepads to add life to your space. These simple design choices will inspire and boost your productivity in a personalized and enjoyable home workspace.

6. Keep your workspace clean and organized

Finally, To maximize work space, keep your home office clutter-free. Remove dirty dishes, hobby supplies, and toys. Return work items to their designated places and regularly empty the trash. Tidy up after each workday.

You can even spritz the space with a room spray (think citrus or peppermint for waking up the senses and lifting your mood) to keep it smelling nice and fresh.

Create a Workspace at Home You'll Love Working In

Working from home offers people an excellent opportunity to make the best use of their time, resources and energy to become better workers and lead more balanced professional and personal lives. Follow these tips for setting up a home office for productivity so you can enjoy these benefits, too.

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