How to Furnish and Decorate Your Home for Diwali

With Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, just a few weeks away, there’s no better time than now to start sprucing up your home to commemorate and celebrate this important religious event. Aside from cleaning and tidying up your home, you can make it festival-ready with some Diwali furniture pieces and decorations. Getting new furnishings and home accessories in the UAE lets you get into the spirit of Diwali and elevate your home’s appeal effortlessly.

By choosing the right pieces and adding a few decorative touches, you can enjoy the festivities at home and have a beautiful space that fosters togetherness.

Decorating Your Home With Diwali Furniture and Décor

Below are some decorating tips and ideas to get your home ready for the Diwali festivities:

1. Follow a Design Scheme

Although you want a vibrant and colorful home for Diwali, you don’t want your interior to have an incoherent look. To avoid this, select a design scheme and follow it as you decorate your home for Diwali. With a plan, you can choose the most appropriate accessories and have a good idea about where and how to decorate them to give your home an appealing, coherent look. Make sure you incorporate the furniture and features in each room into your design scheme so your new furnishings and decorations can complement or enhance them.

2. Invest in New Elegant Furniture Pieces

Give your home a makeover that you can be proud of not only during Diwali but for many years with the right furnishings.

Below are some furniture pieces you should consider getting this time of the year:

Living room furniture

If you want to have a more appealing, welcoming living room to entertain your family and guests for the festivities, invest in new furnishings this Diwali. Add an elegant sofa, coffee table and bookshelf to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of this space.

Accent chair

Aside from investing in a new sofa, make your living room extra chic this season with an accent chair. If you’re looking for something extra elegant, opt for one or two high back chairs. Other options to consider include wingback, Chesterfield and barrel chairs.

Dining set

An elegant hardwood dining set can give your kitchen or dining area a new look. If you’re expecting several guests for the party and have plenty of space, consider getting a bigger table with more chairs to accommodate them


Also known as a diwan, a divan is a multipurpose furniture piece that doubles as a sofa and bed. Its elegant design and versatility make it a welcome addition to your living room or bedroom

You can also invest in a new coffee table, recliner and outdoor space swing to ensure your home is in keeping with the tradition.

You can opt for custom-made furniture in the UAE if you have specific pieces and designs in mind and ensure you get furnishings you can use even after Diwali is over.

3. Bedeck Your Home With Lights

Lighting features are Diwali must-haves in every home.
If you want traditional lighting features, invest in clay lamps. However, you can also opt for fixtures made of other materials and sizes, which can be plain, patterned, monochromatic or colorful.
Lighted candles are also essential for the Diwali festivities. Go for colorful and engraved candles so that they can be eye-catching decorative elements in your home even when they are unlighted.
Consider getting metallic candle holders since they are great Diwali decorations you can have in your home all year round.

Lanterns are naturally colorful decorations that are perfect for Diwali. Hang these features inside and outside your home to fill it with lights and excitement.
Moreover, use string and fairy lights as additional lighting features to have a more appealing home this Diwali.

4. Decorate With Flowers

Flowers and other plants are also essential Diwali decorative elements. You can use fresh and faux flowers as centerpieces for your tables and to decorate your windows. You can also create flower beds for your tables and shelves and place candles in them to make your rooms more appealing. If you have chandeliers, cover them with marigold and other vibrant flowers to give them and your home a more divine look.

5. Invest in Shiny Decorations

Since Diwali is about adding more color and vibrancy to your home, use various shiny decorations to brighten your rooms. Invest in colorful paintings and other art pieces of variable sizes and shapes and stack them on your walls. Also, give your home a more festive look with vibrant cushions and curtains. Lastly, metallic decorative items are crucial elements of Diwali. As such, bring out your silver vases, brass lamps and other appealing metallic containers you have. Spruce up these containers by filling them with water, flowers and petals to make them more appealing.

Decorating your home for Diwali is not just about adorning your living space with lights and colors; it's a celebration of the triumph of light over darkness. It is also a time for togetherness with your family and friends.
As such, choose your new furnishings and decorations well for your home this upcoming Diwali.
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