The festive season is here. And as always, seemingly a touch ahead of time. Despite all the preparation, a whole lot of gifting waits to be tied up. No worries. Over at Al Huzaifa, we’ve lined up the neatest set of giftables you could lay your hands on. Let’s take a look around.

Candle holders that make eyes light up

Personality-matching is the secret to great gifting. From classic elegance to dramatically different pieces. Earth pigments and igneous rock textures to medieval inspirations with a thoroughly contemporary twist. There’s always a perfect fit.


Floral arrangements: style in full bloom!

There’s a certain flair to these eternally expressive compositions that bring together flowers and foliage from diverse climes, along with nature-identical creations, reflecting a global trend towards celebrating the earth’s bounty in fabulously sustainable style.

From alpine cones to subtropical reeds and grass, it’s an eclectically sculpted collection set in glass vases to make a statement in any decor. The effect is permanent, which makes them great gifts. The memory, forever fresh.


Served with elegance: decorative trays and vases.

Designed to hold attention, our tray and vase collections make a great addition to every home entertaining hub. Organically beautiful, nature-inspired artisanal works sit beside playful pieces that evoke a smile even as they actually play a functional role. Pick from dozens of conversation pieces and be sure of something that’ll be talked about. It’s genius gifting… on a platter!

gold table

Still looking for that perfect gift? Here’s your lightbulb moment!

Eclectic. Electric. Exclusive. Our luxury Lighting collection is sure to illuminate your style sense. Choose from ceiling lamps, tabletop accent lamps, staggered pendant lighting, chandeliers and more. Every piece has personality. From minimalist architectural structures to timeless beauties made of molten glass dripping off glass blowers’ pipes. Achieve gifting brilliance in minutes.

golden globe